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video 199 (One hundred and ninety-nine) Videos

Paper Tiger

information Don't mess with a tiger, unless it's a paper tiger 紙老虎. Making friends with a tiger's absurd,Of such friendship nobody has heard;With one snap of its jaw,Your friendship's no more,So a less dangerous friend is preferred. Find out more at BritishIdioms.com, where you will also find the idioms Interactivity.

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video 275 (Two hundred and seventy-five) Lessons

Norman Conquest

information In 1066, William the Conqueror invaded Britain and bought with him fancy French words to add to the English language. About 29% of modern English words come from the French introduced after the Norman Conquest. The Conquest began with the Battle of Hastings on 14th October 1066. At the battle, King Harold Godwinson, Harold II, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, was killed. This English lesson looks at one of the excellent one minute videos from the Open Universit

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video 154 (One hundred and fifty-four) Interactivities

Transport – The Bicycle

information There are many forms of transport available to us today. I’d like to talk about what I consider to be the best form of transport there is – the bicycle. Let’s take a look in detail at the vocabulary of the bicycle. There are over a billion bicycles in the world. Until recently, the bicycle was the world’s most popular form of transport. Unfortunately, there are now over a billion cars in the world, too, and there will be another billion in twenty years

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video 45 (Forty-five) Typescripts

information In this video, we’ll take a look at the open-mid back rounded vowel /ɔ:/ on our British English IPA chart.There are eleven ways of spelling the /ɔ:/ sound.

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video 99 (Ninety-nine) Podcasts

information Furniture and furnishings in English. This lesson will help you to learn, understand and pronounce the words we use in English to describe items of furniture. Every word has both a pronunciation and a phonetic transcription to help your improve your pronunciation. The words range from the common words like table and chair to the less common like settle. Each word is accompanied by a high-qual

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video 128,804 (One hundred and twenty eight thousand, eight hundred and four) Word Hangman Game

Hangman Game

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video40,368 (Forty thousand, three hundred and sixty-eight) quotations in English...quote right

quote leftIs not the whole world a vast house of assignation to which the filing system has been lost?quote right

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