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C2 Proficient 292 Two Hundred And Ninety-two Lessons: A1 Elementary A1 A2 Pre-Intermediate A2 B1 Intermediate B1 B2 Upper-Intermediate B2 C1 Advanced C1 C2 Proficient C2

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C2 Proficient 216 Two Hundred And Sixteen Videos: A1 Elementary A1 A2 Pre-Intermediate A2 B1 Intermediate B1 B2 Upper-Intermediate B2 C1 Advanced C1 C2 Proficient C2

video 216 (Two hundred and sixteen) Videos

Geography Lesson

information Learn some countries, the names of the people from those countries, the languages they speak and the part of the world they are from in this visually entertaining geography lesson.

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video 292 (Two hundred and ninety-two) Lessons


information This is my way of packing as much English language learning into 60 seconds as possible. The introduction and end credits don't count as part of the learning process, if anyone is tempted to comment about these parts of the video. In the one minute of the lesson proper you will be exposed to lots of ways that we use the word minute in normal daily usage. There is a great mnemonic (memory aid) in the video to help you remember the heterophones. This is a very fast-paced lesson, but you can always

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video 158 (One hundred and fifty-eight) Interactivities

Aircraft Anatomy

information Since the days of the Wright brothers’ first powered flight in 1903, aircraft have become ever more sophisticated and bigger. The Wright brothers’ Flyer had a wingspan of 12.3 metres and weighed 274 kg. In comparison, the Airbus A400M military transport plane has a wingspan of 42.4 metres and has a maximum take-off weight of 141,000 kg. This quiz component of the Video English Lesson looks at the differences between the Wright brother's Flyer and the new Airbus M

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video 62 (Sixty-two) Typescripts

information Learn the different stress patterns in words beginning with photo. The words are: photo photograph photographer photography photographic

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video 116 (One hundred and sixteen) Podcasts

information This is video 7 of a series of 8. These videos look at marriage through the words of some famous people. This video uses the life and works of Benjamin Franklin, the great American polymath.

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video 128,804 (One hundred and twenty eight thousand, eight hundred and four) Word Hangman Game

Hangman Game

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video40,368 (Forty thousand, three hundred and sixty-eight) quotations in English...quote right

quote leftFor all knowledge and wonder (which is the seed of knowledge) is an impression of pleasure in itself.quote right

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