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I've fancied making a new interactive video English lesson for a while now, but I needed to learn some new animation techniques.The theme of fancy took my fancy. It is an English word that has several meanings, .In this interactive video English lesson, I present the different meanings of this … Continue Reading

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Essential British Expressions Collections

These collections of Essential British English expressions bring you commonly used, idiomatic expressions that are difficult for non-native speakers of English to understand. In these collections, I have collected together individual video English lessons to ensure that you get plenty of all important repetition that will help you to make the language part of your active vocabulary. Here is a random collection.

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Phrasal Verbs Collections

Phrasal verbs are an important part of the British English language. Phrasal verbs are used frequently by most British English speakers. Unfortunately, phrasal verbs are very often idiomatic in their meaning. This means that you cannot understand the phrasal verb simply from the words alone. However, this is just like any other vocabulary. When you come across a new item of vocabulary, you have to learn it and make it part of your active vocabulary. These collections of phrasal verbs give you the necessary repetition to make these new vocabulary items part of your active vocabulary. Here is a random collection.

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How to Say Collections

My how to say collections bring you collections of my video English lessons looking at British English words that are particularly difficult to pronounce. By bringing together many of my video English lessons into these collections, I am ensuring that my students get the necessary repetition to make each of the words part of their active vocabulary. Here is a random collection.

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What is Linguaspectrum?

Linguaspectrum was born in 2006 as a way of bringing my passion for teaching the English language to as many people around the world as possible. You can see Linguaspectrum's online history here. I am always experimenting with any technology that I feel can help me to make my online English language teaching and your online English language learning more interesting, engaging and effective.

I try to create new material for students every day, depending on the number of private online classes I have to teach. I am also working on eBooks and online courses designed to help students learn English. At a minimum, you should see at least one new video English lesson appear here every week, and often much more.