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C2 Proficient 285 Two Hundred And Eighty-five Lessons: A1 Elementary A1 A2 Pre-Intermediate A2 B1 Intermediate B1 B2 Upper-Intermediate B2 C1 Advanced C1 C2 Proficient C2

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C2 Proficient 209 Two Hundred And Nine Videos: A1 Elementary A1 A2 Pre-Intermediate A2 B1 Intermediate B1 B2 Upper-Intermediate B2 C1 Advanced C1 C2 Proficient C2

video 209 (Two hundred and nine) Videos

Photo Words

information Learn the different stress patterns in words beginning with photo. The words are: photo photograph photographer photography photographic

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video 285 (Two hundred and eighty-five) Lessons

Its or It's

information In this one minute lesson I look at the problem of using "its" and "it's". It's a problem a lot of native English speakers have. Once you understand that "it" is a pronoun, and that apostrophes indicate a missing letter, you will have no more problems with using these words. In deference to some students who commented on the first One Minute English lesson that it was too fast, I have put less words into this one. There are 117 words in total; 100 less than the first lesson. Don't forget to use

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video 157 (One hundred and fifty-seven) Interactivities

The Young Crab and His Mother

information Aesop's fable - The Young Crab and His Mother. It is based on the original text "THE AESOP FOR CHILDREN" published by Rand McNally & Company of Chicago in 1919. It includes illustrations from the original book, and also from other books. It also includes listening material to help you with your listening skills and your pronunciation.

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video 55 (Fifty-five) Typescripts

information This is the story of Sue the sewer and Sid the sewer man. The story is rich in homophones, homonyms and terribly taxing tongue twisters. It will help you with the verbs to sew and to sow and also the nouns, sewer and sewer, among other things. So, let’s begin…

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video 109 (One hundred and nine) Podcasts

information This is one of a series of English lessons based on the theme of astrology. They are designed to teach you vocabulary, and especially personal descriptive adjectives. If you were born between March 21st and April 19th, then your star sign is Aries. The symbol of Aries is the ram. Aries' element is fire. Aries' modality is cardinal. Aries' polarity is positive or masculine (yang). Aries' ruling planet is Mars.

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video 128,804 (One hundred and twenty eight thousand, eight hundred and four) Word Hangman Game

Hangman Game

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video40,368 (Forty thousand, three hundred and sixty-eight) quotations in English...quote right

quote leftIt is time for dead languages to be quiet. quote right

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