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C2 Proficient 306 Three Hundred And Six Lessons: A1 Elementary A1 A2 Pre-Intermediate A2 B1 Intermediate B1 B2 Upper-Intermediate B2 C1 Advanced C1 C2 Proficient C2

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C2 Proficient 230 Two Hundred And Thirty Videos: A1 Elementary A1 A2 Pre-Intermediate A2 B1 Intermediate B1 B2 Upper-Intermediate B2 C1 Advanced C1 C2 Proficient C2

video 230 (Two hundred and thirty) Videos


information In this video we are going to look at knife vocabulary. We'll look at the nouns, blade, edge, back, point, handle, grindstone. We'll look at the adjectives, sharp, keen, blunt, dull. And we'll look at the verbs, sharpen, stab, cut, slice, chop, dice. We'll also look at some pronunciation and the IPA symbols of British English. The video is in three parts. The first part is to help develop your listening skills and has no subtitles. The second part has subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Th

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video 306 (Three hundred and six) Lessons

The Jumblies

information Edward Lear (12th May 1812 - 29th January 1888) was an English poet, author, artist and illustrator who is most famous for his nonsense poems. This nonsense rhyme, The Jumblies, is one of his most famous and well-loved.

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video 167 (One hundred and sixty-seven) Interactivities

English Conditionals

information This English language lesson is an introduction to English conditionals.

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video 68 (Sixty-eight) Typescripts

information The first images of life on an alien world? Cloud-topped mountains? Verdant peaks and fertile valleys? The Mars rover, Curiosity, has been searching for similar signs of alien life for several months.

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video 102 (One hundred and two) Podcasts

information This is one of a series of English lessons based on the theme of astrology. They are designed to teach you vocabulary, and especially personal descriptive adjectives. If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd, then your star sign is Libra. The symbol of Libra is the scales. Libra's element is air. Libra's polarity is positive or masculine. Libra's ruling planet is Venus. Libra is rational and fair, but the need for balance creates paralysing indecision. This English les

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video 128,804 (One hundred and twenty eight thousand, eight hundred and four) Word Hangman Game

Hangman Game

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video40,450 (Forty thousand, four hundred and fifty) quotations in English...quote right

quote leftThe United States, for a French citizen, is a friend, an ally, to whom we owe, along with most Europeans, our freedom.quote right

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